Ivan Bozovic received his PhD in Solid State Physics from Belgrade University, Yugoslavia, where he was later elected a professor and the Physics Department Head. After moving to USA in 1985 he worked at Stanford University, the Varian Research Center in Palo Alto, California, andin Oxxel, Bremen, Germany.
Since 2003, heis the MBE Group Leader at Brookhaven National Laboratory, and since 2014 also an Adjunct Professor of Applied Physics at Yale University.
He is a Member of European Academy of Sciences, Foreign Member of the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts, Fellow of APS, and Fellow of SPIE. 
He received the Bernd Matthias Prize for Superconducting Materials, SPIE Technology Award, the M. Jaric Prize, the BNL Science and Technology Prize, was Max Planck and Van der Waals Lecturer, and is a Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation PI.
Ivan’s research interests include basic physics of condensed states of matter, novel electronic phenomena including unconventional superconductivity, innovative methods of thin film synthesis and characterization, and nano-scale physics. He has published 11 research monographs and over 290 research papers, including 30 in Science and Nature journals.

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